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All India Coordinated Research Project on Goat Improvement

Past Project Coordinators
Sr. No.NameDuration
1.Dr. R. Nagarcenkar01.04.1971 to 31.12.1971
2.Prof. D. S. Bhatnagar01.01.1972 to 01.04.1974
3.Dr. S. Kumar01.04.1971 to 01.04.1974
4.Dr. R. M. Acharya01.04.1974 to 01.10.1976
5.Dr. K. L. Sahni01.10.1976 to 01.07.1984
6.Dr. R. K. Mishra26.10.1984 to
7.Dr. B. U. Khan
8.Dr. S. C. Saxena
9.Dr. R. Roy
10.Dr. S. K. Singh