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All India Coordinated Research Project on Goat Improvement

Goat Production Management Information System
Conservation and improvement of livestock has been taken care by farming communities with the help of government and non-government agencies through traditional knowledge which they acquire from their ancestors. For long, farming has been basically a range based system. With advent of scientific knowledge and management practices animal husbandry has gone global, tilted towards intensive system of farming involving high inputs. As a result commercially viable livestock breeds have found a higher share amongst farming communities world over affecting the existence of less productive but better adaptive genetic resources. The commercial breeds are globally monitored by advance countries for their genetic evaluation and conservation. However, small ruminants species especially goats mainly originating from Asia and Africa have not been properly identified, described, monitored, pedigree and performance evaluated. A need has been felt by policy planners and development workers to evolve an information system for managing the livestock genetic resources, evaluating their performance, aiding their conservation and genetic improvement for sustainable production. Considering the global requirement, Small Ruminants Production and Research Information Management System (SRPDIS) was developed on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) platform using MySQL and PHP. This software is capable of handling large number of livestock inventory, their growth, milk production, reproduction, health management aspects, wool production, socio-economic aspects, finance management, profit and benefit sharing modules, etc. The security aspects has been incorporated in the manner that only designated persons responsible to update the database of a particular breed can manage the information of respective breed through a secured login and password. The field in body weight, growth includes weight at birth, at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age, similarly milk production fields include weekly milk yield, lactation length, lactation yield etc. The inventory includes date, place of birth, pedigree, type of disposal, mode of disposal, value at the time of disposal, etc. Health management aspects include different health management field i.e vaccinations, drenching, deworming disease etc. Reproduction includes age and weight at sexual maturity, age and type of service, date and type of kidding, service period, inter-kidding interval, etc. Similarly, wool yield has relevant fields. This software fulfills the long awaited gap and requirement of an information management system which can cater the national as well global management of information being generated on small ruminant production and research. With the commissioning of this software in a capable data centre having appropriate internet speed and storage capacity, voluminous information on sheep and goats of the country can be handled electronically in easier and secured manner to generate knowledge for aiding farmers, livestock development workers policy planners, in formulating appropriate policies for conservation and improvement of small ruminants.
This is for use by all unit incharges for uploading their data and activities. This software was developed for a comparative data reporting for AICRP on Goat Improvement. This information management system was developed at Project Coordinator Unit CIRG, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura-281122. We acknowledge the help and support of the Director, CIRG and all Unit incharges of different AICRP Unit in developing and implementing their valuable support.

GMIS Modules:-

  Developed By:- Mr. Shantanu Kumar Singh  
  Under Guidance:- Dr. S. K. Singh
Dr. P. K. Rout
Dr. M. S. Dige
  Coordinator:- Ms. Madhumita Singh